A Balloon Consulting
Website: http://www.aballoon.co.jp headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 10-15 employeesfounded: 2008

Consumer and Luxury recruitment specialists.

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Adecco Ltd.
Website: http://www.adecco.co.jp headquarters: Switzerlandcompany_size: 200-300 employeesfounded: 1957
Full service recruitment company, mostly working in the Japanese domestic space.
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Adept Group Inc.
Website: http://www.adept-grp.com headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 11-50 employeesfounded: 2004

Adept Group is a Boutique Executive Search Firm located in Central Tokyo focused on supporting emerging technology companies as they enter Japan and Asia Pacific region.

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Admark Asia Group
Website: http://www.admarkasiagroup.com headquarters: Hong Kongcompany_size: 15-25 employeesfounded: 2001
Boutique recruitment company specializing in Consumer market.
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Allegis Group Japan
Website: http://www.allegisgroup.com headquarters: Hanover, Marylandcompany_size: 30-40 employeesfounded: 1983

Subsidiary of a large US based recruitment firm focused in all functional areas.

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Atikus Consulting
Website: http://www.atikus.jp headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 10-20 employeesfounded: 2017

IT and Healthcare Recruiting firm.

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Website: http://www.atj.asia headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 25-40 employeesfounded: 2013

Recruitment search firm with offices in Tokyo and Thailand.

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Website: https://www.brunel.net headquarters: Hollandcompany_size: 5-10 employeesfounded: 1975
Energy industry recruitment firm. Large focus on contract based recruitment.
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Career Scout Japan
Website: http://www.careerscout.co.jp/ headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 5-10 employeesfounded: 2013
Boutique focused on Finance and Accounting recruitment for small medium size companies.
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Chapman Consulting Group
Website: http://www.chapmancg.com headquarters: Singaporecompany_size: 2-5 employeesfounded: 2008
HR and Back Office specialist recruitment.
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Computer Futures
Website: http://www.computerfutures.com headquarters: Londoncompany_size: 10-15 employeesfounded: 1986
Specialist IT recruitment company.
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DHR International
Website: http://www.dhrinternational.com headquarters: UScompany_size: 10-20 employeesfounded: 1989
Retained firm covering most areas of the market.
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East West Consulting K.K.
Website: http://www.ewc.co.jp headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 60-90 employeesfounded: 1987
Full coverage search style firm.  Make or break style of recruiting.
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Embarc Staffing Solutions
Website: http://www.embarc.co.jp/ headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 5-10 employeesfounded: 2014

A boutique recruitment firm specializing in Technology recruitment.

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en world Japan K.K
Website: http://www.enworld.com headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 200-250 employeesfounded: 1999

Formally known as Wallstreet Associates, became part of en Japan in 2010.  Large process style firm strong in all coverage areas.

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Evander Group
Website: http://www.evander-group.com headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 10-20 employeesfounded: 2016

Search firm covering most areas of the market.

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Exec Search Partners
Website: http://www.exec-searchpartners.com headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 8-12 employees
Executive search firm.
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Website: http://www.exentive.jp headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 5-10 employeesfounded: 2014

Boutique recruitment firm focused  in Technology.

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Experis Executive (Manpower Group)
Website: http://www.experis.com headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 30-50 employeesfounded: 2013
Search style company in Technology, Consumer, and Automotive.  Also has a growing RPO business as part of Manpower Group.
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Future Hire
Website: http://futurehire.co.jp/ headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 3-5 employees
Boutique retained search firm.
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Hays Specialist Recruitment Japan KK
Website: https://www.hays.co.jp/en/ headquarters: Londoncompany_size: 60-90 employeesfounded: 1867
Full coverage headhunting company.
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Website: http://hccr.com/ headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 5-10 employeesfounded: 2007
Retained and Contingency search for mid to senior level positions.
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Heidrick & Struggles
Website: http://www.heidrick.com/ headquarters: UScompany_size: 10-12 employeesfounded: 1953
Retained search firm.
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Hi-Tech Japan
Website: https://hitechjapan.co.jp/ headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 2-5 employeesfounded: 2012
Boutique Technology focused firm.
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Huxley Associates
Website: http://www.huxley.com/ headquarters: Londoncompany_size: 5-10 employeesfounded: 1995
Banking & Financial Services recruitment firm. Contract and permanent placement.
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Website: http://www.icpa.com headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 15-20 employeesfounded: 1992
Executive recruitment services.
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Ingenium Group
Website: http://www.ingeniumgroup.com headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 10-20 employeesfounded: 2000
Retained and Exclusive recruitment in Technology, Industrial, and Healthcare
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iWill Capital
Website: http://www.iwillcapital.com headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 5-10 employeesfounded: 2010
Back office Search firm.
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JAC International
Website: http://www.jac-international.jp headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 20-30 employeesfounded: 2011
Mid sized firm with specialzed coverages areas
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JAC Recruitment Co., Ltd.
Website: http://www.jacgroup.com headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 2000+ employeesfounded: 1975
Full coverage recruitment firm in the domestic market.
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K2 Partnering Solutions K.K
Website: http://www.k2partnering.com headquarters: UScompany_size: 30-40 employeesfounded: 2009
Technology specialist recuritment firm covering permanent and contract recruitment.
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Korn Ferry
Website: http://www.kornferry.com/ headquarters: UScompany_size: 20-30 employeesfounded: 1969
One of the Big Five Retained Companies.
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Logical Choice
Website: http://www.logicalchoicejp.com headquarters: Kotocompany_size: 2-10founded: 2017

A specialist recruitment firm focused primarily on the Professional Services and Insurance industries in the Japan region

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Michael Page (Japan)
Website: http://www.michaelpage.co.jp/en headquarters: Addlestone, Weybridgecompany_size: 120-150 employeesfounded: 1976
Full coverage recruitment firm.
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MLC Group
Website: http://www.mlcgroup.co.jp headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 3-5 employeesfounded: 2015
Automotive boutique recruitment.
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Morgan McKinley
Website: http://www.morganmckinley.co.jp headquarters: Irelandcompany_size: 30-50 employeesfounded: 1988
Mid Sized Search firm focused on Banking, Financial Services, F&A and Technology.
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Next Move Japan K.K.
Website: http://www.nextmove.co.jp headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 10-15 employeesfounded: 2009
Boutique firm in the Technology and Back Office functions.
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Next Step LLC
Website: https://www.nextstepjapan.jp/ headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 3-5 employeesfounded: 2015
Boutique firm in the Banking and Finance Industry.
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NEXUS Corporation
Website: http://www.nexuscorp.jp headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 10-20 employeesfounded: 2008
Mainly in Technology recruitment including contract and outsourcing.
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Odgers Berndtson Japan
Website: http://www.odgersberndtson.com/en-jp headquarters: Brusselscompany_size: 10-15 employeesfounded: 1989
Retained search firm.
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Optia Partners
Website: http://www.optiapartners.com headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 30-50 employeesfounded: 2002
Search Firm operating in all coverage areas.
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Website: http://www.pacific-associates.jp headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 30-50 employeesfounded: 2010

Search Firm with strengths in IT and Healthcare recruitment.

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Pasona Global 株式会社パソナ グローバル事業本部
Website: http://www.pasonagroup.co.jp headquarters: Japancompany_size: 8000+ employeesfounded: 1976
HR services company with several different brands.
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Website: http://www.pathways-group.com headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 10-20 employeesfounded: 2000
Well-established professional services company in Technology recruitment, RPO, and outsourcing.
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Randstad Professional
Website: http://ww.randstad.co,jp headquarters: Netherlandscompany_size: 40-60 employeesfounded: 2013
Technology, Healthcare, Industrial and Manufacturing focused recruitment firm.  Search and process style hybrid.
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Website: https://www.recruitcareer.co.jp/ headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 3200+ employeesfounded: 1960
Largest recruitment company in Japan with fingers in many different types of businesses.
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RGF Executive Search
Website: https://www.rgf-executive.jp/ headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 70-80 employeesfounded: 1998

Executive search style in areas such as Technology, Healthcare, Industrial, Professional Services, and Consumer.

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RGF Professional
Website: https://www.rgf-professional.jp/en headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 70-100 employeesfounded: 2011
Full coverage process style recruitment company. Sister company to CDS.
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Robert Half Japan Ltd.
Website: http://www.roberthalf.jp headquarters: UScompany_size: 20-50 employeesfounded: 2006
Full Coverage search style company.
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Robert Walters Japan K.K.
Website: http://www.robertwalters.co.jp headquarters: UKcompany_size: 175-225 employeesfounded: 1997

Full coverage process style recruitment company.

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RSR Partners
Website: http://www.rsrpartners.com headquarters: UScompany_size: 2-5 employeesfounded: 1993
Retained firm started by Russell Reynolds.
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Saachi Partners
Website: http://saachi.co.jp headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 5-10 employeesfounded: 2016

Search style firm covering Technology, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Consulting.

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Skillhouse Staffing Solutions
Website: http://www.skillhouse.co.jp headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 30-50 employeesfounded: 2004
IT contract and project recruitment specialists.
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Softsource K.K.
Website: http://www.softsource.jp/en headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 5-10 employees
Technology recruitment firm.
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Specialized Group K.K.
Website: http://www.specialized-group.com headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 25-40 employeesfounded: 2001
Mid-sized search firm covering F&A Technology, Sales & Marketing, Legal and Financial Services.
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Spotted Recruit
Website: http://www.spottedrecruit.com headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 5-10 employeesfounded: 2016

Startup recruitment firm.

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Spring Professional, Adecco Ltd.
Website: http://www.springjapan.com headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 20-30 employeesfounded: 2013
Part of the Adecco group. Specialized in Technology and Engineering recruitment.
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Website: http://www.talisman-corporation.com headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 30-50 employeesfounded: 2012
Mid-sized search style firm,  mainly  in  Technology area.
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Website: http://www.tamago-db.com headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 5-10 employeesfounded: 2014

Recruitment Service company covering all your recruitment needs including CRM/ATS, Web Services, and consulting.

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The Bridge Group
Website: http://www.bridgegroup.co.jp/en headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 20-30 employeesfounded: 2003
Focus on all roles in Technology companies.
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Vantage Point
Website: http://www.vpointcareers.com headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 15-25 employees

Professional Services and Retained Search Firm.

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Vision Consulting Services K.K.
Website: http://www.visionconsulting.jp headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 10-20 employeesfounded: 2006
Boutique Technology recruitment company. Recently bought by Fuji Media.
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Wahl & Case
Website: http://www.wahlandcase.com headquarters: Tokyocompany_size: 30-40 employeesfounded: 2010
Specialised in Advertising, Digital, and Technology recruitment.
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