Rec to Rec

REC to REC? Looking for a new role in the recruitment industry?

Using our network and knowhow, we can help find the best company for you


The right position for you.  We introduce you to the right people

Because we work with the decision makers, we can get your details in front of the people who matter.  We also have access to roles that are not going to be advertised to the market.

We introduce you to the right company

From large corporates through to boutiques, we can help you with introductions to the right culture and system for your career needs.

The right recruitment role

We have roles in Contingent, Retained, RPO and Internal Recruitment. From junior through to MD roles, management path or billing focused. Whatever the stage you are at in your career, we have something for you.


No need to spam your resume out randomly
It is our job to take the guesswork out of finding your next company. We are experts at listening to your needs and matching those with the right companies.
No need to interview at the wrong company

Control the interview process

When we introduce you to our clients, we are up front about the competition they have and keep them informed of where you are at in your interview process. This allows us to help you work through the interviews at the pace that suits you, and (provided you impress the clients) come out with offers at the same time, allowing you to make an informed decision


Having us in the middle can help you get the best deal in terms of compensation, title, start date and holidays.





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